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Terms & Conditions


Please ensure that you read the following Terms of Service Carefully.

  • A deposit of £100 paid within two weeks of viewing the venue will secure your date. This can be paid via bank transfer, PayPal or cash. You will receive a booking confirmation letter as a receipt of payment.
  • The deposit is non-refundable after 3 months from confirmation of booking.
  • Until we receive the deposit your booking is deemed as provisional and we reserve the right to sell the date after the two-week period is over.
  • The total balance of your event will be due any time before the date of your event. This can be paid by bank transfer, cash or PayPal.
  • We reserve the right to cancel your booking in the event of any damage or destruction of the Venue by Fire or any other cause beyond our control, which would prevent us from fulfilling our obligation in connection with your booking. If this unfortunate situation was to occur all deposits and down payments will be returned. Thornsett Fields Farm will not be responsible for any consequential or third party loses.
  • In the event that damage occurs to Owner’s property or to any fixtures or fittings (to include the farm house, the barn, machinery, livestock and gardens) the client will be responsible for reimbursement in full. The Owner will obtain three quotations for any remedial work, and by agreement with the client, accept the quotation that will most closely restore the item to its original condition.
  • Access to the farms other buildings, yards and fields will be restricted and clearly sign posted. If guests want to see any of the cute calves, lambs or watch milking, then please seek permission from the owners and we will be happy to show people round.
  • The property is a working farm and has potential risk. There is a pond below the barn, which could be dangerous. You will be made familiar with the hazards when you view the venue and it will be your responsibility to highlight the hazards to your guests. All children are the responsibility of their parents; please watch them at all times!
  • No Chinese lanterns are permitted at the venue
  • All internal areas are non smoking areas.
  • No candles! Only battery operated are permitted.
  • No glass. Toast glasses only and they are to be collected up straight after the toasts are finished. The straw bales are re used and fed to cattle after weddings. Also bottles in car parks have been found and it’s a serious risk to cattle.
  • It will be the client’s responsibility to specify and liaise with the sub-contractors (taxis, photographer, registrar, etc.).
  • Please do not leave any valuables/ gifts in the venue over night. We cannot be held responsible for any valuables damaged or lost at Thornsett Fields Farm, including wedding gifts. Cover or remove all wanted food stuff, we are not responsible for wild animals and dogs that might get peckish in the night.
  • The venue is available from the Monday Evening. The venue must be cleared by the following Monday evening ready for the next event. This is down to the hirer although help from us will be on hand.
  • Toilets, furniture, caterers, entertainment, etc all need to be hired and that is down to you.
  • Please hire a recommended bar from our suppliers list or please ensure your bar has a license for selling alcohol as we don’t not have one. We don’t recommend doing your own bar.
  • Please ensure you give us a months’ notice as to how many straw bales you will require and to basic set out.
  • Please give all guests directions to Thornsett fields Farm clearly pointing out that they have to access the venue from Briargrove Road. Anyone following a Sat Nav needs to use postcode SK22 1AY. Postcodes found on the internet will send them in the wrong direction. There will be signs to look out for on the day.
  • We can provide scaffolding to decorate the barn but cannot be responsible for any personal injuries to yourself or party.
  • Please ensure guest do not climb on the straw bales.
  • Please ensure guest do not go near the or climb on the dirty water pool. (This will be fenced off on your day)
  • Please be aware farm work will be going on around your day but won’t disrupt your day.
  • Campers will be allowed to set up tents the day before the wedding but all tents and cars must be gone by 5pm the day after your event. No fires, bbqs etc in the camping fields or anywhere on the premises without permission.
  • We advise you recommend guest bring wellies in their cars.
  • Ourselves, our children and dogs will probably gate crash your wedding at some point! We’re sorry but cake and fun on our doorstep is often too hard to resist.
  • We cannot be held responsible for the great British weather!